Azzaro Perfume Review

Azzaro Perfume Review

Azzaro Perfume Review

azzaro perfume review

Loris Azzaro was a French designer who was famous for his clothing lines for men and women. The elite of French society loved his ornate beading and cutouts baring skin in unexpected places. The main focus of his designs were for parties and gala occasions. His popularity was well established by 1968 and in 1975 he turned his attention to the launch of azzaro perfume review. His signature scent for women was known as Azzaro Couture. The fragrance is still known and loved today and is the most famous fragrance that he developed.

The bottles that hold Couture are designed to look like a pendant. Azzaro fashion often used subtly draped dresses with plunging necklines where a pendant could nestle. The blend of scents is unique in its use of mimosa blossoms. More conventional flowers such as jasmine and rose de Mai provides integrity to the blend. Iris blossoms add a sensual nature to the perfume. Then you can believe in the peppery addition of ambrette seed that has a slightly musky after aroma. Finally, sweet patchouli and bergamot with a slight bitterness of galbanum grass tops of the blend.

Azzaro Chrome is the scent best known for men. The fresh and stimulating fragrance is joyful with the hint of green field, slightly damp and fruit trees in blossom. The perfume is based on a woodsy scent that gives it a masculine flavor. Azzaro includes aquatic themes. A citrus with spicy components is combined with a blend of ginger, green tea and bergamot.

These two fragrances, one for men and one for women were favorites among the same people who loved the Azzaro fashions. Following the success of these two, Vetiver, Onyx and Eau Bella were launched, with expected fanfare and success. The fragrance line continued to grow in importance, even after the death of Azzaro in 2003. The following year, head designer Vanessa Seward took the reins of the fashion house. Designs are still issued, but it is the fragrance line that creates the most interest today.

In 2000, Pure Vetiver for Men was launched. It is a spicy and rich scent that includes iris, cardamom, vetiver and nutmeg in a casual blend. This casual use fragrance was followed by Onyx, another men’s fragrance. Onyx is alluring and mildly seductive. Musk, coriander, lime, green apple, cardamom and cedarwood add complexity to the mix with a top of bergamot. The choice is refreshing for masculine wear.

Visit for Woman combines orientals with a fruit essence that has a crisp sense. Underneath, the fragrance includes patchouli, amber, and cedarwood. The top fragrances include bitter orange leaves, pink pepper rose and Indian jasmine. A spicy and mysterious blend, it is light enough to be worn in the daytime.

Azzaro was born in Tunisia and he carried the inspiration of this area into his fashion designs and into his perfume designs. The perfumes, flowers and spices of Tunisia are found in the perfumes. Blue inspired by the skies and waters of his birthplace are used in many designs, while the fragrances use Tunisian ambiance as a starting point.

The Azzaro fragrance line as been capturing the imagination of buyers for more than thirty years. Bring the scents of the Mediterranean region to mind when you enjoy azzaro perfume review. A gift for yourself or others can be purchased online or at one U. S. Outlet.

The fashion house founded by designer Loris Azzaro in Paris during the 1960’s was and is popular for the high couture designs featuring daring cutouts and decorative beading. The designs were perfect for gala occasions and parties. The popularity of the designs was well documented by 1968. The talented designer then turned his attention to the azzaro perfume review fragrances line that cemented his popularity. The signature scent, Couture, was meant for women. It has remained popular since that time.

Couture comes in a bottle that resembles a pendant or the soft draping of a bodice. Couture reminds you of mimosa blossoms, jasmine and rose de Mai. To add the hint of sensuality, iris fragrance is used. Ambrette seed has a peppery fragrance but with a musky scent following after. Bergamot and sweet patchouli are buffered by adding galbanum grass.

Chrome is the signature scent for men prepared by Azzaro. It includes masculine woodsy hints, the scent is green grass and blossoming fruit trees. Aquatic themes and spicy citrus blends with green tea, ginger and bergamot for complexity. In addition to Chrome, there are several other men’s fragrance3s of note.

Both men’s fragrances and women’s fragrances have strong customer support amongst the same people who wear the fashions designed by Azzaro. Following Chrome and Couture, Azzaro launched other fragrances such as Onyx, Eau Bella and Vetiver. These perfumes and related products helped to expand the popularity of the entire House. In 2003, Azzaro died and the company was taken in hand by head designer Vanessa Seward. Clothing fashions have continued to be created, but it is for the fragrances that Azzaro is best known today.

Pure Vetiver for Men was launched in 2000. Its rich and spicy scent is created by using vetiver, cardamom, iris and nutmeg. The fragrance is meant for casual use. Onyx is another fragrance designed for men. The perfume is described as mildly seduction and alluring. Some of the components include lime, coriander, musk, cedarwood, cardamom and green apple. The top scent is bergamot. Masculine scents with a refreshing note for men will please men and women near them.

Visit is a woman’s fragrance with fruity and oriental blend that manages to stay crisp. Patchouli forms the under scent, along with cedarwood and amber. On top, the blend adds pink pepper, Indian jasmine, bitter orange leaves and rose. Visit is a mysterious blend but with spice helping to hold it together. The fragrance is light enough for daytime casual use.

Loris Azzaro calls Tunisia his birthplace and his inspiration. His favorite color was blue, keeping in mind the blue of the Mediterranean and the blue of the sky.The perfumes he has launched bring the spices, fruits and flowers of Tunisia into the fragrance. The ambiance of the country is reflected perfectly in the perfume designs.

azzaro perfume review is the perfect gift for yourself or others. It has been hinting at romantic interludes for more than 30 years. You can enjoy Azzaro’s wizardry in the sensual and challenging perfumes he has created.