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Costumes and the dreaded P word

October 30, 2009

A couple of days ago I wandered into the VV boutique (Value Village) searching for some odds and ends for a Hallowe'en costume idea-a Jedi.  Yup, I'm getting my geek-on tomorrow night and plan on being all "May the Force be with you" as much as my fr…

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Institutionalized fat-phobia

October 21, 2009

From my Educational Psychology text Second Canadian Edition, pg 37:  Health and Education-Although we have become a health conscious country, many youth and adults do not practise good health habits.  All too many of us eat too much junk food and sp…

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Long awaited pictures

October 18, 2009

While I was home for Thanksgiving weekend, Gabe discovered the tape measure.  We had a lot of fun measuring different things and using it as a sword or whatever it was he was doing with it while he was waving it around.  While the tool was out, Ry an…

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No fat people in concentration camps?

October 15, 2009

There were no fat people in concentration camps because all of the people in them were starving. To death. *angry* People also try to argue there were no fat cave-people, or fat anyone before 1960-something. All of a sudden, fat people everywhere wit…

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Rape Culture and Being Fat

October 15, 2009

From Shakesville: Rape culture 101. What does this have to do with fat acceptance? (STRONG trigger warning, both for the article and for the quote below.)

Rape culture is the objectification of women, which is part of a dehumaniz…

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Babies will live to be over 100yrs of age!

October 2, 2009

This is great news; my brother in law just became a father, like, 2 days ago, so yay for little Aiden. :)  But waitaminute, haven't we been hearing that TEH FAT is going to kill our kids earlier than ever, that for the first time in history, a genera…

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