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Blog posts September 2010

Birthday Boy

September 29, 2010

School is keeping me really busy; it's my final year and there are a lot of individual projects.  Still no luck finding a job and hubby just lost his so we're feeling a little glum here.  However! On a bright note, yesterday was my son's fourth birth…

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Pagan and Proud

September 24, 2010

(This whole post has nothing at all to do with Fat Acceptance, except that I'm both a fat acceptance activist as well as a Pagan activist.  Maybe we should start Fat Pride Day?)

My dear friend calls me Mama Bear on occasion, usually in reference to …

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Boys need more calories than girls

September 10, 2010

My son started JK on Wednesday, full day, and part of the info he came home with at the end of the first day was a pamphlet on making small healthy lunches (he gets two short nutrition breaks).  I read through it and along with the usual not-too-extr…

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Labour Day laziness

September 6, 2010

Well ok, not really.  Yesterday I cleaned the house until I was sweating in order to get ready to have friends from out of town over for a BBQ, and today the hubs and I went through Gabe's too-big pile of clothes in his closet to see what he's got fo…

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National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

September 3, 2010

Now there's a bad idea if I ever heard one, which I only caught thanks to the Center for Ecoliteracy that I follow on Facebook.  There wouldn't BE a childhoold obesity crisis if people realized that the BMI measurement wasn't ever meant for children …

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