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Blog posts January 2011

Shaming the Obese: It Doesn't Work!

January 27, 2011

I was happy to see this story last night in the Globe and Mail: Shaming the Obese-with photos like these-isn't working. These photos are, of course, the ubiquitous headless fatty.  The article is really well done and hits on a lot of excellent points…

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Mmm butter: Ditch the low-fat diet

January 26, 2011

Some good news for butter lovers today (I'm sure I'm not the only one!): it's time to ditch the low-fat diets (and Diets in general) and embrace such lovely things as butter, avocado and olive oil, and essential fatty oils like the ones found in fish…

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Blogging for Choice Day

January 21, 2011

This is a non-FA or HAES related post.  It deals with abortion and choice and things generally not talked about on the Fattyosphere.  I have actual FA/HAES content for tomorrow so if that's all you're interested in please move along and I'll see you …

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Wicked Wednesday

January 19, 2011

Have you seen this yet? I think it's awesome, wicked even.  I thought I'd share as I'm too tired and scatterebrained right now to do a real post.  Notice the confident, snarky fat woman at the very beginning of the video.  Warning, may not be safe fo…

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Lose Hate, Not Weight!

January 17, 2011

I've got a piece up today over at Fierce Fatties you can check out about Kellogg's "What do you gain when you lose?" campaign, Marilyn Wann and Yay! Scales.  Check it out.

P.S I tried to find the commericals for Kellogg's new campaign on youtube but…

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Breast is Best...only until 4 months?

January 14, 2011

Msnbc is reporting this morning on a study done in Britain about babies and breastfeeding.  In it, the researchers assert that babies can be started on solid foods (cereal and the like) as early as four months.  This flies in the face of most establi…

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A non-event Event

January 13, 2011

Remember how Wednesday me and a few others were going to go to the gym?  Only I ended up going.  >_<  It was a little awkward at first but then I realized I wasn't the only loner there; there were a few older men walking the track, on stationary bike…

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Coincidence? I think not!

January 10, 2011

Have you ever heard the expression "First time is an accident, second time is a coincidence, third time is on purpose?" If you haven't, now you have.  I'm a firm believer of this idea and have seen it in action just this weekend.  Friday night I made…

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Ensuring Your Child's Good Body Image

January 6, 2011

That's the headline from a small section in my son's monthly school letter he brought home yesterday, the first day back from break.  A part of me was suspicious, I'll admit, as I began to read.  This is what it says in entirety:

All parents want t…

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Canadians Not As Healthy As They Think?

January 3, 2011

The CBC is reporting today on a survey done late last year that indicates Canadians aren't as healthy as they think they are.  Just over 2000 Canadians were polled; 1514 adults and 506 youth.  You can find the PDF online and follow along with me wh…

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Obesity epi-panic targets 9 month olds

January 1, 2011

So this story  was brought to my attention today; "The path toward obesity starts at a young age - even before babies transition to a solid diet, according to a new study. [...]  Even in the first year of life, many babies fall into these two categ…

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