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Blog posts March 2012

Dear Dr. Lunney

March 31, 2012

Feel free to use this letter as a template for your own to your MP, Canadian friends. I borrowed it and modified it from the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada. Unfortunately, my MP is a member of the Conservative party and a Christian, so I have so…

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I still have 0 Fatshion sense

March 30, 2012

While visiting in the Soo I finally had the chance to use the giftcard my mom-in-law sent me for Christmas. It was so warm that I was tempted to get shorts but instead opted for a skort and two 3/4 sleeve shirts. One is just plain black (and goes wit…

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Baby bump

March 29, 2012

Happy Thursday folks! Yesterday was Bump's second ultrasound but it didn't go great. The tech took a lot of pictures but I have none to share as Bump was in a terrible position unless you want to see hir skull. We got to see a little hand and the hea…

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Home Sweet Home

March 26, 2012

Last weeks' visit to the Soo was probably one of the most busy weeks I've ever had in my entire life. It was so incredibly wonderful to see all my family again, and I include all the friends we visited in there as well! It was warm, no HOT, and sunny…

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Frightening Friday: Canadian Politics

March 23, 2012

Motion 3-12: I am Not a Second Class Citizen

On April 26th there will be a vote in the House of Commons after an hour of debate, a vote that will determine whether or not a special committee, with all the powers of a Standing Committee, will be f…

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Better than Christmas

March 16, 2012

Today's the day! We're finally heading back East for a long visit with friends and family. I am SO EXCITED. This is literally better than Christmas. In lieu of an actual post (we're out the door here in about an hour) I leave you with this to the Vil…

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Trigger Tuesday

March 13, 2012

Trigger warning for mentions of blood, miscarriage

I know I'm supposed to be writing about the five poisons, cancer and high fructose corn syrup today but after NewMe sent me a great link on Monday's post, and I poked around at The Fat Nutritionist'…

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Kittens Cause Cancer*

March 12, 2012

Happy Monday, friends! I have a four day work week this week then Friday we're travelling back to the great white North to visit family and friends for a week. This is VERY EXCITING as I haven't seen them except by webcam since July, and for Ryan, si…

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Personhood for WOMEN

March 9, 2012

Over at Shakesville they've done something that shouldn't be needed, necessary or even dreamt of, but here it is; a personhood amendment for WOMEN. That's right; enough is enough. ENOUGH of women's bodies being political footballs. ENOUGH of women be…

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IWD, Lady Gaga, and Women's Suffrage

March 8, 2012

Many thanks to Jacqueline Carey (author of some of my favorite books of all time) for posting this video up on her FB page. Please watch and share widely and for the love of the gods get out to vote this fall if you've got an election coming up. The …

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Everybody knows? No, I want FACTS

March 7, 2012

Linda Bacon, HAES guru and all-around awesome lady has a great post up today over at the Huffington Post you should read, share and tape to your nosy neighbour's/friend's/family's front door.

"The evidence demonstrates that fat isn't the bogeyman it…

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Eating Healthy IS Expensive!

March 6, 2012

A headline caught my eye the other day and I just now tracked down the rest of the story; eating healthy food IS expensive, often out of the reach of families on assistance of any kind. The Tyee, a local BC paper, is running an excellent story right …

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Dear Future You

March 5, 2012

Dear Future You,

    I guess noone's told you this before, or maybe they did but you didn't take them seriously, but here's the truth; your body will change. It's not a cliche that the only constant thing in life is change, it's a fact, and that g…

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The Rogue Priest Has Concerns with FA

March 1, 2012

My pal Drew over at The Rogue Priest is a very cool guy. I admire his goal of living a Heroic Life and quest to walk from Minnesota to Brazil to meet the gods. His latest post, however, centers on fat acceptance, and how it may or may not fit in with…

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