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Blog posts April 2012

Fabulous Hybrid Blog Carnival! Change

April 30, 2012

Welcome to the Fabulous Hybrid Blog Carnival. Our topic this spring is Change! This post was written for inclusion in the quarterly Blog Carnival hosted by The Fabulous Mama Chronicles and Hybrid Rasta Mama. This month our participants reflect on cha…

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Friday Fun!

April 27, 2012

I was up super early this morning; it's a bright sunny day, I got enough sleep and I was HUNGRY! So at 6:30 I crawled out from the warm snuggly covers, made myself a coffee and a bowl of cereal, and got to work. Email is checked, blog post for the ca…

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It's All Tied Together

April 26, 2012

It feels odd, and yet somehow completely right, to write simultaneously in my day about abortion rights, fetal personhood laws, and my own pregnancy, not to mention fat and body acceptance and it's intersection with feminism. That is one BIG intersec…

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Aww! Mini-fries!

April 25, 2012

Ok, so those ARE the cutest little fries I've ever seen. I mean c'mon, look at them in their wee tiny red box!

Image courtesy of the National Post

This is the new healthier slimmer face of the Happy Meal, a tiny serving of the world's favorite salty fries. On one hand, I'm annoyed …

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Health, Fitness and Nutrition Apps

April 23, 2012

Struck with a bit of writer's block after tackling M 3-12 over the weekend, I dug around the CBC website for something interesting to write about for Monday. I'm really trying to stay in the habit of blogging nearly every day, and scanning the headli…

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First I get Mad

April 22, 2012

First I get mad, then I get motivated. After blocking my third antichoice troll from Twitter in as many days I was feeling rather UGH Saturday night. You just can't argue with willful ignorance, or people who's entire argument in a debate hinges on e…

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The NDP is ProChoice!

April 20, 2012

Happy Friday, folks. The M3-12 debate is in less than a week and guess who got her first reply from a local MP on the issue? Me! Jean Crowder, New Democratic Party MP for the southern part of Nanaimo and other close parts of the island down that way,…

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In Other News

April 20, 2012

Life is getting pleasantly busy again. I gave Occupy the boot back in February sometime because I was tired of being talked down too for my progressive and/or feminist stance on things, and I haven't had a lot to do in the evenings other than blog. D…

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Blog Button!

April 18, 2012

On a completely unrelated note I spent some time last night wandering the internets finding cute things to add to the blog, my Twitter and elsewhere. You may note the new "Your Comments Make Me Happy" button in the sidebar, and this little thing I ma…

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The Incredulous Shrinking Woman

April 17, 2012

Over the weekend I culled an entire 4 drawer dresser full of clothes, plus a few things from my closet. Now my wardrobe consists only of things I really love and wear, which is incredibly liberating. The clothes will be donated or given away, except …

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Curvy Girls: Full Review

April 16, 2012

Here it is, the full review of Curvy Girls: Erotica For Women, compiled by Rachel Kramer Bussel. The first part of my review, first  impressions , etc can be found at previous entries at their respective links.


The writing is pretty…

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Saturday Song

April 14, 2012

Have you seen this video? I hadn't until a friend posted it on Facebook this morning. I don't follow any of the talent shows; I barely watch t.v at all, actually. This young man, and his loyalty to his friend, touched me. I cheered and I …

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Call for Submissions!

April 13, 2012

     ...we should just write our own!

     Yes, yes we should, if you're up for it. From the I R Disappoint post, Fat Grad left a comment on how, since I was disappointed in the offerings of that collection (so far) we should just write our ow…

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Looking Pregnant

April 11, 2012

Trigger warning for weight-talk

It's no longer a question of "fat or pregnant?" It's pregnant. Holy Mother my stomach feels and looks so big. Gabe sat in the back a lot of the time, and apparently the placenta was in the front, so I never really *lo…

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I R Disappoint: Curvy Girls

April 11, 2012

Alright, so by tonight I'm about half-way through Curvy Girls: Erotica for Women. So far it's not living up to my expectations of being other than a book for chuby chasers, as every story so far but one has featured a) bold fat women who really reall…

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On the Other Side of the Scale

April 9, 2012

Over the long weekend, actually probably last Thursday morning, I had a conversation over Facebook with a friend who is also pregnant, but is a) much much smaller in body size than me and b) roughly 8 weeks further along. She was sweetly asking her p…

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I Had Questions: M-312

April 7, 2012

Ever since I first read about this gods-awful Motion 3-12 thing I've had a question or two swimming about in my brain; what the heck exactly is a special committee, how long are they going to debate this thing if they get the chance to debate, how ca…

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Moving the Goalposts

April 6, 2012

Today's post is up at Fierce Fatties!

     Generally I’m big fan of MSNBC, especially Rachel Maddow, so I pop over to their site almost every day to scan the headlines and catch her show. A couple of evenings ago I saw a headline: The …

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Thursday Throwdown

April 5, 2012

Do you know what's the coolest new thing in Canadian prochoice politics and badassery? Radical Handmaids. If Motion 312 has got you righteously angry, sign the petition against it, send your MP a letter telling them to oppose it, then join the Radica…

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Curvy Girls-Erotica For Women

April 3, 2012

   The fun has arrived!

    I have a new book to review and I wont deny that I'm looking forward to diving right in.


Ok, so I just sat and read the first short story, Runner's Calves by Sommer Marsden, and damn. *fans self* If the re…

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