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Blog posts January 2014

Chubby Babies and Fat Kids

January 31, 2014

It never ceases to amaze me the difference in language between speaking about a fat child and a fat baby. One of my jobs is at a pet store right now (and I'll leave the hype around obesity in pets for another day) and the other job is at a well known…

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Thoughtful Thursday: Poem

January 30, 2014

Holding my breath


for the car door to slam

the front door to creak

the excited rush of dogs as they greet you

your footsteps on the stairs

the weight of your body on the bed

next to mine

Warmth of your arms

strength of your …

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Raise the Wage

January 22, 2014

Let's get a few things out of the way; I'm 29, mom of two, university educated, (I have a BA and an additional certificate) and am working for barely above minimum wage roughly 40 hours a week at two part-time jobs. I've worked part time most of my l…

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Music Monday w Michael Franti

January 20, 2014

To all my readers, friends and family: Life Is Better With You.

I love that this video shows various relationshps with varied and wonderous folks. Michael Franti is one of my favourite artists, with the upbeat tunes and fun videos he does. Who're …

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Currently in January

January 16, 2014

waking up with Kat's feet in my face more often than I'd like.  

finishing nothing. Life is still a work in progress.

watching old movies on AMC at night.

loving how great the kids are doing here.

appreciating that my bosses are flexible and un…

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I Overpay My Babysitter

January 14, 2014

While my mom is out of town in Mexico avoiding all the snow, slush and now ice, I needed to find another sitter for Kat during the day and Gabe after school.  With my sister-in-law out of comission due to pregnancy I gave a distant cousin a ring (the…

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My Little Beauty

January 10, 2014

As previously mentioned, I have very little of what people would call 'style'. I'm very much a jeans and tee shirts person. The number of pairs of shoes I own is in the low single digits. I've had the same small bag of cosmetics for a decade, and w…

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Round Like Mom

January 7, 2014

It's been six years now since I got into fat acceptance and health at every size. Hard to believe but it's the truth.  When I got into this my son was only a year and a half; now he's a giant seven year old and, while sometimes he still thinks out lo…

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Weekday Routines

January 6, 2014

Please don't hate me when I say this, but I love Mondays. Monday mornings I sometimes get to sleep in as Leslie will get Gabe out to the door to school. After I get up, it's an hour or two of Star Trek reruns (NG and Voyager) with Katherine, breakfas…

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Promises and Wishes

January 2, 2014

At Solstice two weeks ago we did a toast, a boast and a promise over a bowl of flaming Yule punch. It was GREAT, especially since Gabe joined us for the ritual. My toast was to my inlaws, my Sabbat Sisters, all the warriors great and small, and to my…

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