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First Harvest - Lughnassad

August 2, 2015

After two years of living here at my inlaws we finally shifted most of our things from the storage unit to our new apartment. It's been a long journey; four years ago we left the Soo and moved to Nanaimo, and a year and a half after that, to Victoria, then back to the Soo, with our things still in BC for a year, then in storage for another one. Last year we thought we were moving into our own place and it was kiboshed at the last possible second by the people we were working for. So we spent another six months spinning our wheels unsure where to go or what to do.

I'm ready for a new normal, for a new routine and the way sunlight plays on the walls. I'm ready for coffee freshly ground made in my wee one cup coffee maker. I'm ready for a queen sized bed and my own room, for friends over for games or a movie. I'm sure my inlaws are ready for quiet evenings and having their entire house back! It hasn't always been easy sharing this space but we did it and everyone's still alive, so that's something. *wink*

It's harvest time, time to taste the first fruits of the past year's labour; we started saving up for the apartment and pay off our debt during the cold winter months and now we have a place of our own. It's such a dream come true. We owe such a debt of thanks to our parents for giving us the space and time to get our feet under us, I can't even properly express it. It's harvest time! It's harvest time! IT'S HARVEST TIME!



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