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On the Way Back Machine

January 10, 2016

After I put Kat to bed the other night night I decided to put Fern Gully on Netflix while I tidied up from supper and a weekend home with the kids. It was a nice little stroll down memory lane; Robin William's nonstop chatter as Batty Koda, the music and gorgeous watercolour backgrounds, and the unforgettable characters of Crysta, Zack, Pips and Magi Lune. When I watched it for the first time, back in grade four, it made a big impression on me, but I didn't realize how much until I went back and watched it.

Seeing it as an adult it struck me how much of what Magi Lune taught Crysta that I brought with me forward into my later Pagan practices. I went back through the film and wrote down her lines to have here for reference.

"There are worlds within Worlds, Krysta. Everything in our world is balanced between the forces of destruction, and the magic forces of creation. Everyone can call on the magic powers of the web of life. You have to find it in yourself."
"Look for the hero inside yourself, Krysta. Look for the good and loving heart in you, and all others. For just as every seed holds the magic of creation, so too do you, and every other creature in this world."
Krysta: "Magi, don't leave me!"
Magi: I love you! I'll always be with you. We all have the power, and it grows when it is shared."
Even the dedication at the end: For our Children, and Our Children's Children, is especially poignant as I was watching it with my son and daughter. When I first saw it in grade four I never dreamed I would have kids. It was Far Away in the Future, but I could understand as a child that time would continue on without me, but that future was in danger because of human actions.
As a Pagan, I tend to approach my practice with a lot of hands on application to the real world; Sabbats reflect what's actually happening on a local environmental level, not what a European agricultural calendar tells me, and stories of the Holly King fighting the Oak King at the solstices are explained in relation to where the Earth is on its journey around the Sun. I strongly believe we all have a responsibility to work closely within Nature's limits and to respect natural spaces as much as our human nature allows us too. We all have the power inside ourselves to make the world a better place, for our children, and our children's children. 
Has this happened to you? What movie or show was it?

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