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August 15, 2013

This is just a test. Do not adjust your monitor.

Today you're probably noticing a bunch of new pages; The Family Room, Being Fat and Not Afraid (where better to park health and wellbeing posts?), Geeking Out! and Teaspooning. I may change these names later if I think of something better. These new pages are where I'm slowly but surely going to be catagorizing old posts, but all new posts will still show up on the homepage.  The Family Room will be for parenting/family related things, Being Fat and Not Afraid will focus on body positivity, my health journey, and related topics, Geeking Out! will be for all things geek, like my weekly Pathfinder game and squeeing about My Little Pony and other fandoms I'm a part of, and finally Teaspooning for any and all serious writings about feminism and other Serious Business. I'm still going to keep my Pagan writings at a completely separate blog, but when I write I'll make sure to put a link up here for those who are interested. I'll also still be at Fierce Freethinking Fatties once a month.

Now, to catagorize and tag four years of posts...

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