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They Went A Walking

September 17, 2015

Now that school is back in life is much more hectic. Often we're not getting in the door until 6pm or later and bedtime for Kat is 7:30ish. It's go go go all day, fight traffic or take a 40 minute bus ride, make dinner, do school stuff, bedtime stuff, and then the kids are asleep. It doesn't leave a lot of down time for anyone and the kids are feeling it.

Yesterday I let the two of them walk up the block to the park. Kat has her trike and wanted to take a little ride and Gabe promised to stay with her and I needed to make dinner so I said "Fuck it." and let them play outside the building without me. I can keep an eye on half the sides of the apartment from where I am so when it got quiet I suspected right away they had wandered off. Pro-parenting tip; quiet kids are kids getting into trouble. Sure enough they were at the park; Gabe was happily pushing an even happier Katherine in the baby swing so I let them stay. I didn't love it, I was nervous, but I had to remind myself; what's the worst that could actually happen? Other neighbourhood kids were there, it's surrounded by homes full of people making and eating dinner or mowing their lawns and working in the flower beds. They're safe and they're having fun, so I made dinner.

Gabe wandered back a few minutes later to tell me Katherine was stuck in the swing and he couldn't lift her out, but other than that mini-rescue all was well. They had a blast and I went and picked them up in about a half an hour. Noone was kidnapped, murdered, injured, abused or hit by a car. Huzzah! We had a Chat about not going places without telling a grownup first but they were proud to have done this thing without me and I didn't want to rain on their parade. Gabe is 9 in a couple of weeks and Kat turned 3 last month. They might as well play together as much as they can, and Gabe can learn some responsibility when my hands are full. People in other countries let their kids do so much more a lot younger, and knowing the facts about things like kidnappings vs car accidents helps me be confident in my decision.

Now it's off to work!



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