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"Lifestyle Changes"

February 18, 2013

Usually when I hear the phrase 'lifestyle change' I'm immediately skeptical because it's usually code for dieting. Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Herbal Magic, Slim Fast; they're all 'lifestyle changes' that are designed to make you lose weight. Hell, even veganism, running, joining the gym, and cycling, which are lifestyle changes, can be done exclusively for weight-loss reasons but may not include the deliberate exculsion of foods or calories (dieting). Lifestyle changes are sneaky things, and this far along the fat acceptance path I give serious thought before making any changes of this kind (which is rare). For example, when I was pregnant I definitely tried to eat better, what with building a new human and all, because I knew that eating nutritionally dense food was the best thing for me and Kat. The morning sickness and change in diet did end up with me losing weight, but it was unintentional. The lifestyle change *caused* weight loss, but it wasn't meant too.

 Ryan embraces a cup of tea while laying on our bed

This brings me to Ryan's doctor appointment last week. The two things came up in the same session; Dr. N wants Ryan to lose some weight *and* make some lifestyle changes for reasons I'm not at liberty to discuss right now, and while I'm on board with the lifestyle changes, things like being more active, remembering to eat regular meals and get enough sleep every night, I'm not seeing how weight loss will help my hubby. We don't even actually know how much Ryan weighs, and he didn't step on a scale at the appointment, so the doctor was just doing an eyeball diagnosis. Weight loss is not a magic bullet for health, it's just weight loss. It's just fewer pounds. I'm not a doctor, but I don't think it takes a Ph D to realize weight =/= health. Then again, I know all about weight stigma and the current medical paradigm, so I'm not surprised it was suggested. Then again, at least it wasn't ONLY suggestion.

What are some of the best lifestyle changes you've ever done? The worst? Something as simple as setting your alarm 20 minutes earlier, or something as challenging as training for a marathon? Do tell!

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