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I Hate Princesses

March 12, 2014

Or more specifically, I hate princess culture. I'm an anti-monarchist, despite living in a constitutional monarchy. The idea that a family is somehow special, and therefore more powerful, rich and well regarded than any other, is classism at it's strongest. Royalty, the idea of 'blue blood', is bullshit. Personally I think that princess culture for little girls is toxic, teaching them that somehow they're better than everyone else and deserve special treatment. It's not just the Disney Princesses either, though they deserve a lot of credit for the current phenomenon. There are SO MANY products out there that encourage parents to treat their little girls like princesses, to dress them up, to play pretend, to give them shirts that say "Princess" or some other drivel.

Sorry sweetie, you're not a princess. And you should be glad you're not because then you'll never be a pawn in someone else's political game. You're free to make your own choices, to live your own life, with no special expectations other than what all other women in the patriarchy live with. You wont have to worry about the paparazzi taking your photo night and day, marrying the 'wrong' person (though if you end up being queer that could still be a problem for some folks), or accidentally starting a war because you said or did the wrong thing. Be GLAD you're not a princess because it leaves you free to be anything else, more than a pretty dress and an empty smile.

There *have been* some amazing princesses and queens in history so if you want to embrace the princess craze AND teach some history while empowering your daughter, look into Catherine the Great, Cleopatra, Nefertiti, Boudicca, and a bunch of other astounding women via A Mighty Girl.com.  As one of their shirts says, "Why be a princess when you could be president?"  Indeed!

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