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Kat's First Birthday

August 21, 2013


Happy Birthday, Katherine!


It's too soon. My little baby girl is already a toddler and today is her first birthday. What a year it's been; this is the third home she's had, she's been walking since July 29th, is signing words like milk, more, hungry and sleep, and babbling all kinds of sounds at us. She is busy and beautiful and my love for her still leaves me breathless in moments when I'm caught off guard. We were so close for so long and she still prefers me to anyone else, but she's also much more independent. Katherine loves walks in the stroller with me and being chased around the livingroom by her big brother, carried and tossed gently by her daddy. Her favourite foods are cheese, bagels with cream cheese (toasted but not too much), apples and yogurt. Kat has nearly 6 teeth and uses them on everything she can get her hands on.

She is my little miracle baby and I am so grateful that we've gotten to spend so much time together and become so close. Having kids really is like having your heart walking around outside your chest, and great love is also the possibility for great hurt. I'm alright with that now. From the moment I first laid eyes on her angry face, chubby body and thatch of dark brown hair my heart was hers, without reservation or hesitation. 

Happy birthday, my love. As I said this day a year ago, so I say again, and will say every birthday we celebrate together;

Be free, be strong, be yourself, be lucky, be proud to be a woman, be loved and loving. Live among flowers, surrounded by free flowing waters. Live in the sun's warmth, breathing clean air, nourished by moonlight and starlight. Know that you are welcome and you are a precious gift to us. Be blessed.

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