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Lovely Lunch Idea

February 13, 2013

I'm terribly sleep deprived at the moment, so head on over to Organized Chaos for a really great idea on how to help your family with the division of responsibility as it comes to feeding the little ones. I love this idea and I hope it takes some of the stress out of making lunch. We brown bag it here a LOT so this idea is perfect for us; it saves money, it cuts down on arguements and there's no 'oh no! What do I take for lunch today?!'

Anonymous Madrid Painter - Fruit Bowl with Plates of Grapes and Pears, glass and clay Vessels - Google Art Project

To save even more time and money, you can pre-prepare things like carrot and celery sticks, crackers and cheese, orange and/or apple slices or other fruits, and stick those in a special lunch section of the fridge so they're ready to grab in the morning. A pitcher of juice ready to go into a reusable bottle saves on buying juice boxes (aka tetra packs) though I still am not comfortable after all these years with sending milk for lunch that way. Shelf safe milk, like the kind I highlighted with my Milk Unleashed giveaway, is probably the best way to go if you really want your kid to have milk with their lunch. We recieved my gift from Milk Unleashed and Gabe downed one of the chocolate milks in two seconds flat, right out of the FedEx box (it had been on the road to me for a week at that point) and said "Mmm, good!" so they're definitely doing something right.

See you Friday when I've had more sleep (I hope!)

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