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Reflecting on 2013

December 30, 2013

It's been a long damn year. The last season (Fall) I've been here at my inlaws. I spent the Spring in one of the most beautiful places I've ever lived, and the Summer baking in Langford. Winter was at the apartment in Nanaimo where we took the 2nd biggest risk we've ever taken. I still don't know whether or not it was worth it as we're still trying to figure out our next step.

January: At the apartment in Nanaimo. Things are quiet after the holidays. I was on maternity leave, Gabe was doing well in school and karate, and Ryan was doing the daily grind thing at his job.

February: Ryan's offered a transfer down to Victoria from Nanaimo and a promotion to assistant manager. We talk, debate, get guidance and decide to go for it. With the help of epic friends, we make the move on very short notice (and very little sleep) from Nanaimo to Colwood and a beautiful little place down next to a pond filled with irises and cattails.

March: First month in Colwood. I start running almost every day, training for the Victoria Goddess Run. Katherine is rolling over, sitting up and generally awesome. Gabe makes the adjustment to a new school and schedule. Ryan starts the 45-60 min commute to work every day for his new job. Easter weekend we have a power outage after decortating eggs so we attempt to order pizza (failed) and play Pokemon cards by candle light.

April: Second month next to the little pond, minutes from the ocean and still training for the Run, but now with the Couch to 5k program. Life is good. Am starting to look for work, Ryan's new job is pretty great, minus the commute, and while Gabe misses karate and his friends, he's doing OK.

May: A trip back to the Soo to visit family and introduce the amazing Kat to the rest of the clans coincided with me being offered the job at Alpine. Yay! Everything is finally coming together, despite our landlords upstairs saying hey, at the end of June, you're out because we realized that families are noisy. That's ok, we'll just find a place in Langford close to my work and daycare and stuff. No worries! Wee!

June: Do the Victoria Goddess Run and finish solidly in the middle. Start my new job for a strong, local company and shortly afterwards Kat starts sleeping through the night. It's the end of our breastfeeding journey though too. It's June! The world is in full bloom and beauty and we find a nice condo in downtown Langford to rent for July 1st. Everything is coming up roses and there's a light at the end of the tunnel.

July:  With the help of Epic Friend, move to the new condo, which is pretty, but hot thanks to having a western face. Lots of walks to the library with the kids on weekends, trips to the splash parks, picking blackberries off the fence, and Kat starts walking. Wee! Halfway through the month get fired from my nifty new job for sucking at adding up long columns of numbers (which isn't even a part of the job I was being trained for, BUT WHATEVER). Start frantically looking for a new job.

August: Still looking for a new job. Get two job interviews but no offers. Gallbladder starts acting up something fierce, and end up getting it out by the end of the month. Yay surprise surgery! Try to take Kat out for some icecream for her birthday but she doesnt' want any. Start looking at transferring elsewhere; Ryan gets offered a manager job in either Kitchener or on the Island but up on the North end. We debate, talk, get guidance and decide; Kitchener! It's closer to family and the Vancouver Island experiment has come to a close. We've done what we meant to do and now it's time to go home(ish). Those roses from June are pretty wilted.

September: A whirlwind of packing, uncertainty, anxiety, wedding, parties and more. Me and the kids move into my inlaws, while Ryan goes down to Kitchener to find us a home to move into and start his new manager job. Kat starts talking quite a bit. Gabe enrolls in my old school!

October: Looking for work in both the Soo and Kitchener/Waterloo area, end up with 2 jobs in the Soo. Am still planning on moving down to Kitchener anyway, but now after Christmas because yay money! Join up with the Sabbat Sisterhood and have a hella good Samhain. It's SO GOOD to be back with my old Circle of Pagan friends/family. Kat basically never shuts up and Gabe is doing awesome in All The Things. Short visit with Ryan at Thanksgiving. His new job is NOT going well.

November: Workity work work and stress about whether or not to move to Kitchener after all, what with all the job hate and my two awesome jobs I really like. Kat is little Miss Climby Pants and teething and not sleeping while Gabe is Mr. Math and Science Guy. Thought I'd try Nanowrimo this year but HA no way, not working two jobs basically every night of the week.

December: This just happened, but the details are fuzzy. There were 2 work-related Christmas parties, a wonderful Yule celebration with more flaming punch (I wrote about this back in ... 2010?), a lot of working, a snowball fight between Gabe and a neighbour girl, a meltdown, and SNOW. OMG SNOW. It's so great to be back in the Land of Real Winter. Ryan came up for a few days at Christmas and now we've decided not to go to Kitchener at all but stay close to friends and family here in the Soo. Leaving all of this (friends, family, support, my 2 jobs) behind again just doesn't make enough sense to go there, but it all hinges on whether or not, or how soon, Ryan can get a job here, so we can get our own place. No job? No place. See what a degree and a certificate can get you in life, kids?

2013 has righteously kicked my ass. I'm looking forward to sending it off and welcoming 2014 and whatever it entails whilst playing Cards Against Humanity with some friends. No resolutions, but I might take up the Offbeat Home & Life One-a-Month resolution challenge. Smaller goals = more likely I'll succeed. Sorry for the wall of text; sometimes you've just got to get it out there.

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