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Thanksgiving Thoughts

October 14, 2013

Monday was Canadian Thanksgiving. Up here in Canada, Thanksgiving is more of a 'last harvest' feast and literal thanks-giving than something tied to a pseudo-historic event. We didn't have pilgrims at Plymouth Rock or anything like that, and we don't observe Columbus Day either (though we do have a history of genocide here similar to that of the States, Central and South America) and thank Goddess for that. A friend, however, was ranting about Thanksgiving and Columbus day and 'brainwashing' and I pointed out that hey, it's not exactly a bad thing to have a day set aside specifically to count your blessings. Ritual and celebration are important parts of culture, and Thanksgiving is one of those things; the giant bird, the multiple side dishes, the getting together with family, the feasting itself that's almost become a meme of it's own, etc. Should we be grateful every day for who we share our days with and what we have? Yes, but it's not entirely practical and it's easy to lose sight of it, especially from the bottom of a hopeless looking pit which has been my reality lately.

My Thanksgiving this year was much better than the last two; Ryan came up from Kitchener for part of the weekend, we snagged his Nanny from her nursing home for the afternoon, the kids had a riot running around, the food was great, the weather perfect. I gave thanks to all my family and relations for what we have, because without them, we would have nothing. At the moment, the roof over my head and the food in the fridge is literally a gift. If it wasn't for family my car would still be sitting on Vancouver Island, or at best, here at my in-laws. I'm living out of a suitcase worth of clothes but at least we all have a safe place to sleep for as long as we need it. The job search is ongoing but I'm hopeful again I'll find something appropriate. I have faith that what we need will appear. It's been tough at times to be positive about our situation but today, Thanksgiving Day, it was worth it to take the time to stop and take stock of what I have and how it could be So Much Worse. I am thankful. I am grateful. Gitchi Megweetch!

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