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The More Things Change

July 15, 2013

It's said that when a person dies, or is close to death, they see a light at the end of a long tunnel. That light has become a metaphor for the end of struggle, a coming of peace and respite, and realization of hopes and dreams. For the month I worked at Alpine we were seeing our light; we talked excitedly about starting to save for a house, getting ahead on our bills, paying down our mountain of student debt, and other small dreams we've been holding onto for a long time now. Sure I wasn't doing great as we entered a new billing period and my work load suddenly tripled, but I had time to learn still, the head of HR said so.

Or y'know, not. Friday afternoon at 3pm (I normally work until 4:30) I was asked into the separate office and was quietly canned. Despite being afraid it was coming I thought I had at least a few more days to try and pick things up until the head of HR got back from her vacation but apparently not. The company was moving forward and they didn't see me moving forward with it, I have good qualities but I'm not a good fit, it was several business platitudes rolled into one. It took a lot of self control not to say anything snarky or flat out angry; I know they don't have to give a damn about my family or situation and saying anything at all really could ruin them as a reference (which they said they'd be,oddly enough) so I kept my mouth shut except for saying "Thanks, I'll need it" when the guy who fired me wished me luck.

Luck isn't just what we need, we need help while Ifind a new job. A couple of amazing friends have stepped up already for which I'm deeply grateful, so basically what I'm writing to say today is; Remember that little "Feed the Author" paypal button I had installed over there? Yes, just to the right and down a little bit with the adorable cake? If you can, please use it. We're going to be short for the next couple of months, and if I don't find something by the middle of September (unlikely but you never know) it's Game Over for the Vancouver Island experiment. Thank you.

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