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Joy in Play

November 4, 2013

Sunday afternoon I had the pleasure of watching my neice for a little while. A big part of why I love being home is spending time with her and my other family members that I've missed so much the last couple of years. She and Gabe are pretty close in…

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Control Freak No More

November 1, 2013

Earlier this week I found myself saying things I never thought I'd say. We've been in the middle of this move, living at my in-laws since the middle of September, Ryan's down in Kitchener and struggling with his new store and all the baggage that cam…

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Blessed Samhain

October 31, 2013

Another year is dead. The fields and trees are bare. Whatever is left after today belongs to the Earth, to the fey, to the restless dead.  Call it last harvest, Samhain, Hallowe'en or nothing at all but the chill in the air is the same, the curtain…

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Currently in October

October 25, 2013

waking to dark, snowy mornings-the photo above is from 2 weeks ago.

finishing job hunting (I hope!)

watching Star Trek reruns, Agents of SHIELD and Republic of Doyle.

loving my family so much

appreciating them pretty damn hard too.

packing a…

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Thanksgiving Thoughts

October 14, 2013

Monday was Canadian Thanksgiving. Up here in Canada, Thanksgiving is more of a 'last harvest' feast and literal thanks-giving than something tied to a pseudo-historic event. We didn't have pilgrims at Plymouth Rock or anything like that, and we don't…

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Friend, Can You Spare a Dime?

September 17, 2013

So Thursday is moving day. Holy snap that snuck up fast, just like it always does. Thursday morning we fly out of Victoria for the last time, over the majestic Coastal Rockies, the prairies, the northern boreal forest and then finally land about 5 ho…

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Food Fight!

September 13, 2013

If you've ever had the wonderful opportunity to fight with your kids about food, what to eat, when or how, today's post at Fierce Fatties is for you! Have a great weekend!

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On the road AGAIN

September 6, 2013

This post will be long and winding and whiny.

Nearly 2 months ago I was fired from my admin job and I haven't been able to find work since. There were two interviews but nothing panned out despite my experience and education. We knew we wouldn't be …

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Teaching Kids Empathy

August 23, 2013

It's not just a tired old cliche that children learn a lot more from actions than words. We don't say 'monkey see, monkey do!' for nothing. What kids see adults doing is much more important than what they hear adults saying, especially if the two thi…

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Kat's First Birthday

August 21, 2013


Happy Birthday, Katherine!


It's too soon. My little baby girl is already a toddler and today is her first birthday. What a year it's been; this is the third home she's had, she's been walking since July 29th, is signing words like milk, mor…

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Friday Foodie

July 19, 2013

Since my last post I've had two job interviews; one went OK but they're not offering enough for us to cover our bills and daycare costs, and the other misled me into thinking they were offering an office admin or customer service job while it was act…

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The More Things Change

July 15, 2013

It's said that when a person dies, or is close to death, they see a light at the end of a long tunnel. That light has become a metaphor for the end of struggle, a coming of peace and respite, and realization of hopes and dreams. For the month I worke…

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2 is the Loneliest Number

July 10, 2013

Ryan pointed something out tonight that I was missing and I can't believe I didn't figure it out sooner. Since the move, both from Nanaimo to Victoria area, and especially from down near the pond up here to Langford proper, we've been stepping on eac…

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Fat Shamed by a 7 Yr Old

June 14, 2013

Kids are weird; they're trying so hard to figure out how to be themselves, and behave properly, and learn all this stuff about what it means to be a person and an adult and all the rest that I'm surprised their heads don't explode. I have two of them…

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Growing Up Girl

May 31, 2013

As promised, adorable baby goodness for your Friday. Have a wonderful weekend!

Mom! I have teeth! Well, a tooth and a half.

Crawling is easy! Let's get standing!

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Chubby Baby Takes the Bus

May 7, 2013

Today I've got a post up at Fierce Fatties about an experience I had last weekend while on the bus. Check it out and tell me what I should've done!

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Photo Friday: Ray of Sunshine Edition

April 26, 2013

It's Friday so that means for many of you the weekend is just about here. For me it just means more of the same, but that's alright-I'll have to get back to a 'real job' soon enough. Incase your Friday isn't full of sun and happiness already, here, h…

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Satisfying Seven

March 21, 2013

I can't believe Katherine is seven months old, can you? The dark days of all night feedings are far behind us, the five o'clock fussing, the sheer exhaustion of the newborn and not-quite-newborn times (combined with recovering from surgery), it's all…

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Be Brave

March 15, 2013

Wednesday night Gabe and I were trying to figure out what to play together in that gap between dinner and bedtime; he suggested Pokemon (we role-play in the Pokemon world) but I countered with Beyblades (he got a few, and a dome, for Christmas). He c…

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6 Months of Squee

February 21, 2013

Today marks the six month anniversary of Katherine's birth. It's hard to believe the little girl sitting so competently in my lap as I type is the same wee bundle of brown hair and wrinkles we brought home from the hospital, but she is. Now a master …

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