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Legend of Zelda RPG

August 19, 2013

For a very long time I've wanted to play the Legend of Zelda RPG game found at Kobold's Keep. Years back I downloaded it but with moving to a new computer it mostly got lost. Between myself and Ryan we've tinkered now and then with updating it to 3.5, and now we're taking a crack at making it Pathfinder compatible. (What is 3.5? Who's Pathfinder? I'll explain later this week!)

With refinding the download and my son's renewed interest in LoZ thanks to me playing through Twilight Princess, we've decided to do what we can to make a family-only Zelda RPG. Gabe is, of course, playing Link, an Elven fighter with a longsword and longbow, complete with green tunic and horse companion. I've settled on a Zora monk (actually an Undine from the Advanced Races guide with some racial modifications) and Ryan is going to play a Gerudo sorceror (Asuli man, which is a genie-descended race, and a fiery sorceror's bloodline). Gabe is not quite seven but he knows what he wants to do in the game; have adventures, kill monsters, and save the princess. Me and Ryan's characters will be mostly for support, and we've already figured out a story idea. We spent another hour after Gabe went to bed working on our characters and chattering about what we were going to do. I think we might be more excited than he is!

It can be difficult to game with Gabe as he's got a short attention span and can lose patience (and track) with what's going on within an hour or so of playing. We have to stay flexible, engaging and most of all supportive. Teaching Gabe to rely on his imagination and interpersonal skills instead of button-mashing and memorization will have long-term benefits for all of us, but mostly him. I'm hoping a weekly game gives us some much needed family time, too.

Do you play with younger kids? Any tips or advice to share?

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