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Zelda RPG Part 1

September 11, 2013

So we FINALLY started the LoZ RPG I wrote about a couple of weeks ago and we had a blast. As expected, Gabe got into trouble right off the bat with one of the Hyrule Castle guards but Ryan and I are nothing if not quick thinking and flexible and turned the would-be mishap into an opportunity.

Gabe and I were both in town on individual supplies gathering missions, and true to Zelda world mechanics, he thought he could just start smashing pots open and get rupees. Our bad, to be honest. When confronted by one of the guards, he drew his sword and nearly killed the guy, then fled on horseback home. My character, the Zora monk Maarin, tracked him down and talked him into returning to town and facing the music. Impressed by his humility, the captain the guard told Link as punishment and a learning experience he'd be serving with the town guard for the entire next day, from sunrise to sunset. I earned myself a fat reward for bringing the fugitive to justice and passed the night in a tavern/inn.

The next morning Maarin and Link met again in the marketplace in the town's square, Maarin bathing her feet in the fountain and Link making his rounds. Gabe did really well when we roleplayed two vendor's having a dispute over a choice stall placing, never once drawing his sword (though he did put his hand on it menacingly) and resolving it using other skills. I made a couple of purchases then noticed some small figures lurking in the alleys and shadowy corners, right before all hell broke loose. Goblins attacked, the people panicked and Maarin and Link set about trying to catch and kill the little buggers before they hurt anyone.

Unfortunately tonight my diced hated me so I ended up on the ground, pinned down with a goblin munching on each arm while Link laid about expertly with his sword against two other football headed monsters. A blast of fire from Ryan's character, Pharado the Gerudo sorceror, freed one of my arms and then a freakin' dragon of some kind showed up and started destroying the fountain in the square while it's rider, a bear-faced humanoid, attacked with a rather nasty looking mace. He knocked Pharado out cold in one hit after they traded magic and mace attacks, then Link and I flanked him and managed to get him down. The dragon was done with the statue by this point and took off with some kind of black gem that had been embedded in it's foundation. Upon hitting the light the gem shot out multiple rays of brilliant light, striking the three of us remaining in the square. We faded to black, and called it quits for the night.

The light is the beginning of our Mythic Adventure, a new set of mechanics added into the Pathfinder system we're playing. Think of Mythic adventure like this; there are your everyday heroes, like soldiers, police officers, etc, and then there are people like Hercules, who live on in legend and stories for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. The Mythic mechanics give our characters extra abilities, bonuses to skills and more powerful feats to ensure our stories are epic. Ryan and I are going to handle the leveling up and stickier aspects of Gabe's version of Link, but I highly doubt he'll mind. For Gabe, this is an opportunity to star in his own story and if he can just relax and let us give that to him instead of trying to run it himself, we're going to keep having a great time.

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