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29 Forever!

May 16, 2013

Or y'know, not. I'm not one of those people who's afraid of hitting 30. Today is my 29th birthday and as I look back on my 20s I realize that it was probably the best, and hopefully worst, decade so far. Forget my teens, the teens suck. 20 to 29 is where it's at, and I figure now that I've got myself sorted out (mostly), my 30s should be pure gold. Hopefully my 40s will be even better, and so on and so forth until I hit 100 and am basically a god. You never know, my grandma P lived until she was 92. I could do it.

It's been a big year; two moves, a baby and a close call with death, learning and loving to be a mom again, falling for a new part of the island, strengthening and deepening my relationship with Ryan, and as always Figuring Things Out. Truly life is the journey, not the destination.

What am I doing for my birthday today? Tidying up and getting some things ready for our trip back to the Sault next week (so no posts unless something amazing happens), another nap hopefully, and that's about it. With all our friends back up in Nanaimo and all the family in Ontario there wont be dinner or a party or anything, and that's ok. I kinda feel like garbage today anyway. Kat, who finally has her first tooth, has been up a lot at night again and is scooting all over the place, so I'm feeling pretty beat. Wall to wall excitement, I know. 

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