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30 Day Yoga Challenge

November 1, 2012
A couple of days ago I recieved an email from OmTown Yoga (www.omtown.ca), the studio where I was doing my pre-natal yoga. In it they set out a 30 day yoga/meditation challenge. Instead of Nanowrimo (www.nanowrimo.org), I'll be doing this. I don't have a novel idea this year, being rather distracted with Katherine, but I *do* have time to do some yoga and/or meditation every day. Technically I started yesterday, just a test run to see how my body feels, and got a pleasant surprise-no sore abs, no nasty pulling feeling anywhere, and my arms are stronger than I thought (probably from carrying Katherine all the time!) So that's nice. I'll be using my Gaiam yoga dvs with Rodney Yee, and my Yoga Weight Loss For Dummies dvd. That one is technically a weight loss dvd but I'm using the focused work-outs to strengthen my core and rebuild what I've lost. In order to make up for the calories I'll be burning and to fuel the muscle building, I plan on working snacks back into my life. Dropping even *more* weight is definitely NOT on the agenda.
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