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A common complaint

August 26, 2010

The other day hubs and I were at the mall and it was decided that I need a new bra.  My new dog had chewed up my only brown one that I really loved so we went to La Senza for a new one.  The window displays were really fantastic and lucky me there was a sale on!  I had my eye on a nice green/black/grey camo set, honestly.  Unfortunately, I wear a 40D so the only bras they had for ME were white, beige or black; nothing fun or fancy, definitely nothing in camo.  The largest the camo comes in is a 36D.  I checked the website (as the woman behind the counter suggested I do) and really? They carry 2 bras in my size.  TWO.  And my boobs?  Not that big!  I'm an average sized woman, remember?  I'll have to start shopping elsewhere; Sears carries 39 different options of styles and fits (that are not underwire), but it's again mostly black, white or beige.  At Penningtons, there are 22 options in a 40D and they have some good colours; pink, green and navy blue in addition to the 'boring' colours.  I might just have to go up and check them out, though now I do have 3 bras (two beige, one black, and a couple of really comfy old nursing bras I wore so much they're practically see-through).

I'm leery of ordering off the internet, especially underwear, though La Senza did say anything I bought could be returned in their store at the mall.  Does anyone know if Sears or Penningtons has the same policy?  My town also as an Addition-Elle now, which is Penningtons and Reitman's partner.  I should check them out too...

Personally, I've never liked the La Senza bras. Aren't they ALL padded? I'm a 36B and I really don't think I need a padded bra. I haven't been flat-chested since I was 11 years old.

About ordering and returning policies, sorry, don't know a thing. Good luck with your shopping, though!


They're not all padded but a lot of them are, and you can't put them in the dryer. *sigh* Thanks for the well wishes!


I don't know what city you live in but My Intimacy is good for having a selection of pretty bras in large sizes. You do have to go in to be fitted, though. My biggest complaint with them is that the matching underwear do not come in large enough sizes, so that my boobs can be sexy but my butt gets the granny's! Oh, well. And they are insanely expensive, but they also do repairs for the life of the bra, so it seems to even out. Really, pretty bras, especially for your size!


Hun, I have the SOLUTION.

Go to a REAL bra boutique. One where they do fittings. Get measured. Get fitted. The bras are expensive but if you don't like what they have just make up some excuse.

Step 2. Go to another upscale boutique and get fitted again. (Some bra fitters have NO clue what they are doing).

Step 3. Go online to bravissimo.co.uk and find stuff that you like. Order it there or look up the model no./brand you like and scope it out on another website.

I thought I was a 40 DDD. Then the first bra boutique said 40F. It turned out I was a 34 J. I have lovely bras. I am 23 and very fashion conscious. I now wear a 34 GG/H and my favourite brands are panache and freya. Google 'em!

PS - It sounds like you are in Canada. If you are in Toronto I highly recommend Tryst or Secrets from your Sister.
You can order everything they fit you with on bravissimo.co.uk for cheaper (even after duties, shipping and tax).


Hello K! Thanks for the advice. If I had any money I'd be at a fancy boutique for really nice stuff in an instant. Unfortunately, that's just not happening. I was fitted last time at La Senza with a real tape measure so I don't know how that's different from a boutique.

Aurelia: Maybe I'll do a post just for underwear soon. Thanks!



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