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A common complaint

August 26, 2010

The other day hubs and I were at the mall and it was decided that I need a new bra.  My new dog had chewed up my only brown one that I really loved so we went to La Senza for a new one.  The window displays were really fantastic and lucky me there was a sale on!  I had my eye on a nice green/black/grey camo set, honestly.  Unfortunately, I wear a 40D so the only bras they had for ME were white, beige or black; nothing fun or fancy, definitely nothing in camo.  The largest the camo comes in is a 36D.  I checked the website (as the woman behind the counter suggested I do) and really? They carry 2 bras in my size.  TWO.  And my boobs?  Not that big!  I'm an average sized woman, remember?  I'll have to start shopping elsewhere; Sears carries 39 different options of styles and fits (that are not underwire), but it's again mostly black, white or beige.  At Penningtons, there are 22 options in a 40D and they have some good colours; pink, green and navy blue in addition to the 'boring' colours.  I might just have to go up and check them out, though now I do have 3 bras (two beige, one black, and a couple of really comfy old nursing bras I wore so much they're practically see-through).

I'm leery of ordering off the internet, especially underwear, though La Senza did say anything I bought could be returned in their store at the mall.  Does anyone know if Sears or Penningtons has the same policy?  My town also as an Addition-Elle now, which is Penningtons and Reitman's partner.  I should check them out too...

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