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January 13, 2011

Remember how Wednesday me and a few others were going to go to the gym?  Only I ended up going.  >_<  It was a little awkward at first but then I realized I wasn't the only loner there; there were a few older men walking the track, on stationary bikes or the rowing machines.  A pair of younger guys arrived while I was there and they rowed together, and a pair of women about my age also appeared but yeah, it was mostly individuals just doing their own thing.  I really really like that.  Classes can sometimes make me feel pressured to 'keep up', which is hard, depending on what I'm being asked to do; when I was just barely into my teens I fell off a horse and mucked up my back and a year or three after that I had a work accident, also with my back.  I walked a mile and a bit on the track with my music playing (anyone got any good marching music?) then caught the bus home.  Not an overly ambitious start but I'm going back tomorrow and doing it again, maybe this time with the people I'm supposed to go with!  We'll do more than just walking, I'm sure, so I hope I get a good sleep tonight.

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