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A Reminder: We're all Temporarily Able-Bodied

December 22, 2011

It's been a long day and a bit, and by day I mean 24 hour period (I'm writing this Thursday night). I woke up to my alarm Wednesday morning, moved my head, something went crunch in the back of my neck and ever since I've had some pretty godawful pain. I missed most of my day at work, despite it being crunch time at FedEx, to go see my doctor. What I did/have is called acute torticollis. It's been hard, not being able to move my head much, not to bend down and tie my shoes, to reach over and shut the car door, to laugh or sneeze. Sneezing today at my desk almost made me black out. This has been a wonderful reminder that I am only temporarily able-bodied, as we all are who are privileged to be able bodied, and a gift of sorts, to slow down, to appreciate what I *can* do, and to continue to learn to ask for help as I need it. The doctor said that it'll take 4-5 days to fix itself, so not until after Christmas, and in the meantime to take it slow.

Happy holidays, whatever you're celebrating, to all my lovely readers. Take care and I'll be back regularly posting (I hope!) next week when things are less hectic at work.

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