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May 9, 2012



Kathleen Parker needs some facts and info. Stat.

This garbage nightmare of an opinion piece appears in the Washington Post. Strong trigger warning for fat shame/hatred and diet talk. She's alarmed at a new report out suggesting that the number of obese folks in the states is going to BALLOON OUT OF CONTROL and infers that "a government-mandated health-care system eventually would necessitate a government-mandated diet to control costs." She assumes fat people are all in the fast food lanes, that genetics can be beaten by personal responsibility, that fat people feel awful about themselves, and that anyone can be thin by just eating the 'right foods' and watching their portions instead of eating like a 'normal person' (what does that even mean?!)
As an aside, I'm sorry, but correct me if I'm wrong: I didn't think that the States HAD a government-mandated health-care system. People exist, lots of them, without any kind of healthcare insurance or care at all. So much for small government! If you're fat (or a woman, and heaven help you if you're both) your body is totally the government's business. Kathleen's entire piece is just one fail after another, from beginning to end. Read it if you dare, and of course, avoid the comments. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but noone is entitled to their own FACTS.
Please write to Kathleen and set her straight; maybe if she gets enough data she'll absorb some through osmosis and stop writing such utter shit. Please also write to the Washington Post and let them know what you think about their publishing such utter shit.
Hat tip to Fierce Freethinking Fatties on Facebook for this one.  

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