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Advil is my friend

March 14, 2011

I've been knocked on my butt by yet another illness, some kind of viral throat/upper respiratory thing and it's really starting to frustrate me.  Unless I take Advil every 4-5 hours my throat gets so painful and swollen I can barely drink anything, and forget food.  Combine that with some wicked coughing and conjestion and I haven't been sleeping.  It's been almost a week and it's not getting much better.  Wandered over to our new hospital's spiffy looking walk-in clinic and was told 'You have a cold" and all the usual how-to stuff; hot tea with honey, throat lozenges, steam, etc. None of that works.  I do not have a cold. If I had a cold, would I have dragged my sorry butt up to your clinic and spent 2 hours waiting to see someone? No. I wouldn't stayed home and kept fighting. I was hoping to be told something like "Hey! You have strep throat! Have some antibiotics" but no, just "You have a cold. No kissy kissy!" Seriously, the doc said that. *sigh*

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