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Aesthetics vs Ability (and a cute hat)

September 28, 2012

Many thanks to everyone who's been commenting on our thought provoking bras/no bras posts this week! I love a lively discussion. When it comes to aesthetics vs ability, I think there's two different things going on and two very different mindsets I'm seeing; on one hand, for those with bodies that are not working as they should, and by that I mean without pain, illness, disability, etc, it's ok and normal to not be OK with that 100% of the time. I don't think it's healthist or abelist to say that the human body isn't meant to be damaged or broken in some way. Think of a newborn; except for special circumstances, every baby is born unique and wonderful and healthy. The vast majority of the time you have babies who are whole, without birth defects, illness, etc. This is how we're meant to be, and I'm not just saying that because I've recently been gifted with such a wee baby myself. However, some babies are born with challenges, some big, some small, and all of us will develop things throughout our lives that will challenge us and our bodies. Some things are permanent, like losing a hand or foot; others are not, like a cold or a flu. It's OK to not be OK with these things as they happen. It's definitely OK to challenge the thinking that because something is wrong with the body, something must be wrong with the mind, and to challenge places, people and other ideas that are disrespectful to people who are sick or hurt in some way. To me, the trick is to find a way to be OK with your own body for as much of the time as possible, and on days when you can't, accept that too.

When it comes to aesthetics, like boobs and body fat, hair colour and clothing, I think Fox was right on the money when she said it's likely my dislike of my new boobs comes from them not being socially acceptable anymore. They *were* awesome, according to the arbitrary standards set by society, but now they're not, and I feel that change keenly. I've been imagining going out to La Senza to get myself some nice push-up bras for when I'm not breast-feeding anymore, something that makes me feel sexy and desirable, not a dairy cow. My challenge now is to work on deconstructing these feelings and thoughts and constructing something better. 

And now for Katherine in an adorable hat! Have a great weekend!



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