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Angry with RAGE

February 11, 2010

Good evening/morning, Fatosphere!  Thanks to Erylin over at Fat and Sassy (http://erylin.wordpress.com/2010/02/11/obesity-tipping-point-as-low-as-3-months-diet-formula-for-you-baby/), word of a new study has reached me warning of an obesity tipping point for some children as young as 3 months old.  I saved a copy of the study to my computer for future reference.  Right now I'm so sickened and angry by this study I can't write anything comprehensive.  I'm just going to post up a couple of quotes for now and get back to it tomorrow.

"Unfortunately, the “chubby” healthy baby myth is alive and well despite the high prevalence of childhood obesity, with only 20% to 50% of overweight children being diagnosed and even fewer receiving documented or effective treatments."

Unfortunate? Unfortunate for who?  Maybe there's such a high rate kids being diagnosed and not recieving effective treament because there IS NO EFFECTIVE treament for weight loss, ESPECIALLY in kids.  And BMI is bullshit anyway!  It's not meant to mean anything health wise for adults and definitely NOT for kids!

"To our knowledge, this is the first study that predicatively can determine when obese children become overweight. Our results correlate with prior findings that show that rapid weight gain occurs during the first 2 years of life.  Although the reason for this early rapid weight gain is not well understood, it has been suggested that improper diet, early introduction of solid food, and inadequate physical activity may lead to excessive weight gain. Food preferences are also set at an early age, probably by age 2, so the introduction of nutritional advice and safeguards would need to be instituted much earlier to avoid the difficult behavior changes needed when the child is much older."

Emphasis mine.  Maybe there's rapid weight gain around that age because kids are GROWING?  Oh wait, no, that can't be it.  They're obviously eating shitty foods and sitting on their asses in front of the tv.  How silly of me.

"If pediatricians are not doing a BMI measurement on children between the ages of 2 to 3, then this “minor” weight differential may not raise a red flag for the primary care physician, thereby missing this early opportunity to discuss
weight concerns with the parents."

Obviously, because if we dont' catch this obesity epidemic as young as possible, we might end up with some fat kids!  Oh noes! Not fat kids!  Not fat kids who will grow up to be fat adults!  Noooooo!  Fuck you, scientists.  Seriously.  Can you imagine a doctor telling a mom or dad or other care-giver "Well, little Jill is getting a little chubby.  I'm concerned about her weight."  Jill is four months old, breast fed, and her parents, on the advice of her doctor, are going to start changing her diet or worse, restricting her food intake.  If this bullshit catches on we're going to see a generation of kids who are not only overweight thanks to literally a lifetime of yo-yo dieting, but also slow/brain damaged thanks to being malnurished at exactly the times when their little bodies and brains need it the most.

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