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Baby Food & Learning to Feed

January 25, 2013

Katherine is officially 5 months old now and very ready for 'solid' foods. She's still nursing every 2-3 hours during the day and at night but she's also taken to baby cereal and applesauce like a champ. Her little chubby hands run interference with the spoon and her mouth opens up like a baby bird's when she sees that spoon coming (then gets confused when it stops because hey, hands in the way!)

Learning her new food cues has been interesting and I'm thankful I've done this once before. Being Katherine's mom has been a much smoother ride than being Gabe's mom-practise makes perfect! I'm noticing that about an hour after she nurses she's still hungry, so I pop her in her booster seat and get her some cereal. It didnt' take long for her to go from a couple of bites to a tablespoon to two tablespoons! The applesauce is unsweetened which makes her shudder all over and make ridiculously cute faces. I'll try to get a picture.

Figuring out when she's finished isn't as easy as with breastfeeding; with nursing she simply rolls away and starts playing with her hands or looking at something besides me. In the chair, inbetween bites, she likes to sit and suck her thumb and look around at everything. New perspectives are fun, so I really have to pay attention to what her body language is telling me; has she stopped leaning in to take bites from the spoon? Is she more interested in gumming the spoon than eating from it? If I tap her bottom lip with the spoon does she react at all? No? Then feeding time is over. None of this "One more bite!" stuff for my kid-if she's done, she's done. I'm not going to teach her to overeat at 5 months. It's sooo tempting though, especially if there's food left over, to try and get her to have just one more bite. But I know just one more bite will turn into two or three and then I'm not respecting her body. If I'm not teaching that to her now, and I've been trying too at every turn since she's been born, she wont learn it and if SHE doesn't respect it then we're both in a host of trouble.

Speaking of trouble, while I was writing this and uploading photos, SHE ROLLED OVER! Yaaaay! Time to clean all the things off the floor. Have a great weekend everyone!

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