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Bang on, Bangor News!

May 9, 2011

What a sweet surprise today to find this news article in the Bangor Daily News: Amid War on Obesity, Skeptics Warn of Stigma.  It's well balanced and not an inflammatory, rhetoric, fat shaming, guilt mongering piece of reporting!  It's a shame that such things are so hard to FIND. An excerpt:

Many aspects of “Let’s Move” won near-universal praise. But activists in the fat-acceptance movement and experts who espouse a “health at every size” approach were upset that the campaign encouraged the monitoring of children’s body mass index, or BMI, and thus might contribute to stigmatization of heavier kids.

“The idea of a BMI report card is horrible,” said Paul Ernsberger a professor in the nutrition department at Case Western Reserve University’s School of Medicine in Cleveland.

“To declare we’re going to eliminate childhood obesity — that’s actually a very stigmatizing thing to say,” Ernsberger said. “The overweight child hears that and thinks, ‘They wish I wasn’t here.’”

If Gabe's school ever tried to send home his BMI on the report card, or even thought about implementing such a garbage policy they'd be hearing from me, that's for sure. Loudly. And often.

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