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Before and After Baby

October 11, 2012

Trigger warning for weight and weight loss talk

Our last midwife appointment was Tuesday and me and Kat are doing well, her probably better than me thanks to my perchance for overdoing it. Thankfully I've been approved for doing things again, things like yoga and vacuuming, longer walks (a little at a time), etc and I'm looking forward to rebuilding my strength and stamina. Walks to the local mall (mostly uphill) still wipe me out if I have a long night with Katherine. Kat is 13.5lbs now, which is pretty big for a baby her age. When I take her out and people are told how old she is there are usually raised eyebrows and exclaimations of surprise. Rhonda and Lillian are happy and say she's thriving because hey, you can't overfeed a breastfed baby. She wears 3-6 month sleepers and has outgrown many of the hats and clothes we were given.

As for me, I'm still shrinking. I hopped on the scale at our appointment and was startled to see I'm down to 158lbs. Honestly I couldn't tell you when last I weighed this little. Last weekend we were able to buy me new jeans, two pairs of size 14s at Zellers. My old clothes keep getting bigger and bigger and we don't have the money to get me more things that fit. I did have a bit of fun window shopping at Ricki's Wednesday afternoon, just browsing the fall colours and styles and wondering what would happen if I tried on a few things, what size would I be there, what things off the rack would look like on this new body. Before Katherine I was buying a lot of things in the plus sized sections of Sears or at Addition-Elle, but now, except for my boobs, it's likely I'll be able to buy a lot of 'regular' clothes, once we've got some cash. I could really use some more long-sleeved shirts with winter on the way!


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