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Birthday Ramblings

May 17, 2012

Yesterday was my 28th birthday. It's been quite a long and interesting year! Last year Ryan was here in Nanaimo, I was still in the Soo. That was pretty difficult. Still, I celebrated as I had the last many years with my unbiological sister and all our mutual friends at the Big Ass Backyard Birthday Bash, with good tunes and better food done over the fire or on the bbq. It was Good Times, but also bitter sweet as I knew that this year's birthday would be very different and possibly quite lonely.

Birthday wishes started pouring in Tuesday night via Facebook thanks to many friends and family being three hours ahead of me, which is still putting a smile on my face this morning. Work was hectic, which is quite odd because usually I'm bored by 1:30, but my boss surprised me with a small potted plant so that made up for it easily. After work I chatted on the phone with my mom and mom in law for quite some time, talking about the future, the baby, the move and everything under the sun. It was so nice; I missed hearing their voices.

A profusely flowering pink bush sits on my kitchen table(anyone know what this is?)

Around six my friend Kam appeared at my door, I thought 2 hours early for our meeting to talk about his upcoming wedding in June, and surprise! Our friends had been conspiring with my hubby to take me out for dinner! He had to tell me or else I was *just* about to sit down and eat when he knocked.  ^__^  Awesome. We went to a little locally owned place downtown called Armani's and talked and ate good food until after they closed. It was very much like the Big Ass Backyard Birthday Bash, but smaller crowd and no moquitos. On the way home we stopped to pick up a DQ Icecream Cake 'cause it's just not a celebration without one (seriously, my mom had one made when I graduated from university that had my school's A and Thunderbird on it. I'll dig up the pic sometime!) and we ate that while hanging out and playing Skyrim. 

It was all in all a very wonderful day and I'm really thankful to everyone who took the time to send wishes, call, hang out, etc. It made what could've been a not-great day into a great one.


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