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Bras ARE Optional! : Fat Fox

September 25, 2012

Today's post is long overdue with many thanks to Fat Fox for stepping up! Trigger warning for body shaming. 

I was scrolling through Pinterest today, actively avoiding the thinspo bullshit, when I came across this image:




When exactly did we become a society that was so narcissistic that individuals feel entitled to demand that everyone meet their visual standards? Women shouldn't be seen without bras, makeup, nylons, hair done, blah blah blah etc. Or fat people shouldn't be seen kissing, hugging, walking, breathing, existing, blah blah blah etc.

Here's a little secret folks: Grow the fuck up. If you can't manage to see an adult woman without a bra, and not feel an intense need to either directly shame them or indirectly shame them online, then perhaps you should consider therapy. I am flabbergasted by this persistent idea that, in a world of nearly 7 billion people, someone feels that their own personal sensibilities are so unique and so special that no one should dare offend them by existing in any state other than 100% sexually appealing 24/7.

I certainly hope this person isn't looking the next time I leave my house. I am a grown woman with hairy legs and armpits, super-duper fat body, often shaved head, sans make-up, in stretch pants and a t-shirt, with either no bra or a leisure bra.

Beware! I am a boner-killing, retina searing, fashion disaster. Hide yo children! Avert your eyes!

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