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Broken Cookies

October 22, 2011

Hello peeps. Years ago when I was working as a full time tea and tarot reader we moved our business into a place with a lot of other businesses and had a Christmas craft fair. Good times were had and at that time I picked up a little heart shaped sign for in the kitchen that reads "Broken Cookies Don't Have Calories". I hung it up near the bread-maker and it stayed there until our move, and every time I read it after I embraced fat acceptance, I could feel the cognitive dissonance.

Broken cookies do have calories, but that's OK because calories are the food energy we need to live. I'm not going to consign myself to a lifetime of only eating broken cookies, or any other kind of less desirable food, just to look a certain way. I know it's supposed to be tongue in cheek, a little kitchen/women's humour, but it's not cute anymore. It's not funny. It's just another little brick in the wall that keeps women locked up in their body fears.

Today the sign sits on my desk. There's no place for it in my kitchen now, and I wont harm others by giving it away. I'm thinking of repainting it and giving it new life. What should I write on it? In the meantime, I want this magnet for my fridge:

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