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Call for Submissions!

April 13, 2012

     ...we should just write our own!

     Yes, yes we should, if you're up for it. From the I R Disappoint post, Fat Grad left a comment on how, since I was disappointed in the offerings of that collection (so far) we should just write our own. It's a good idea, so I checked with Jigsy and they said it's no violation of their ToS to do so as long as it's not promoting hate, violence or anything that could be considered harmful. With erotica that shouldn't be TOO hard, so if anyone wants to submit, please send an email to jenrowe 16 at gmail dot com. You can ask to submit anonymously if you like, and I'm happy to read things over and edit if need be for grammar and spelling. I do have an English degree afterall and I suppose I should use it, though I don't think this is exactly what my professors had in mind. Who knows? Maybe we'll have our own anthology someday!

Rules and Guidelines for submissions

  • Entries must contain characters, real or imagined, who are both over the age of 18
  • Entries must only contain consentual sex. BDSM is alright as consent is crucial to these relationships.
  • Entries are encouraged to focus on learning self-acceptance and body love, long-term relationships, people of colour and other minorities, LGBTQI persons, men's perspectives, people with physical or mental disabilities and illnesses, and those who are 'death fat'. Sex and relationships are a whole 'nother ball game for these folks and we need these stories told! Sex and the relationship between two people who've just met, and a couple (or more!) who've been together since forever are going to be different as well.
  • All submissions remain the property of their respective writers; Fat and Not Afraid merely offers to host said content and protect it within copyright here. 
  • Submissions should be no more than 2000 words, but if so, submitted in pieces. 
  • I retain the right to change the guidelines and rules as needed/see fit.

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