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Calories Burned While Parenting: HowtobeaDad.com

December 17, 2012

Hey folks, it's Monday again. What a weekend, eh? I spent a lot of it focusing on my family; putting up the tree, playing Pathfinder and celebrating the solstice a bit early. Axial tilt is the reason for the season! As we all know, a big part of the holidays from Thanksgiving to New Years is food and there is a lot of energy spent by many on counting calories, eating this vs eating that, and guilt. Lots and lots of holiday guilt that transforms itself into New Year's resolutions to lose weight/inches, start exercising, etc. Over at HowtobeaDad.com the guys have a very tongue-in-cheek graphic available so us parents can be aware of how many calories we're burning just through parenting in order to balance out the Nanaimo bars and candy canes. With their permission I've included it below.

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