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Changing the dynamics in the kitchen

February 2, 2010

It's official; I've hung up my oven mitts.  For the past 6 years I've been the chef; I've made food that's tasty, usually not burnt, mostly nutritious and on the table when we're hungry.  All of a sudden, just the past two weeks or so, the hubby has jumped in and started cooking.  He had to cook while I was away in Thunder Bay, mind you, and I heard tales of porkchops and maple syrup, stir fry and other yummies, but hadn't SEEN any since I came home.  And now?  Now we have the yummy.  He's created something that's simmering on the stove, something with steak and tomatoes and peppers and garlic and oooooh it smells so good!  When it's done on the stove, it's going layered over chopped up potatoes, then put in the oven, and then at some stage is getting covered in shredded cheese.  I have no idea what it IS, but I can't wait to eat it. 

It's kind of funny, but I'm hoping that him stepping up in the kitchen will get me excited about food again.  Also, with the way he keeps throwing veggies around, I can see my immune system improving.  I'm actually looking forward to eating dinner, maybe because I didn't make it.  I haven't been a GREAT cook, mind you; I'm a little absent minded and my food isn't always that flavourful.  I don't know; for a while now cooking's been just another chore around here, like laundry or the dishes, something I just do because it's something I do.  Comments about my cooking from Ryan usually include "It's good." or "It's OK."  I don't even like my own meatloaf.  Gabe still wont eat what we do, but I chock that up to also not eating at the table together, which I completely blame on Ryan.  If we sat down together every night at the table and ate, I think he'd eat what we eat.  But, since I can't convince Ryan to sit, there's no way I can get Gabe to do it.  Oh well.   At least Gabe likes to help out in the kitchen by 'making' food or doing the dishes.

Edited to add:  Yup, I thought so; tastes as good as it smells, is very filling and full of flavour! <3

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