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Chocolate and candy everywhere!

April 12, 2010

Around my house, we celebrated the coming of Spring back in the middle of March at the equinox.  Gabe and I planted some seeds and we talked about how the trees are getting leaves, the sun is getting stronger, and how Summer is on it's way.  He just seemed happy to be outside running around in the very unseasonably hot weather, and his seeds are doing well.  No matter; with some dear friends there was a more serious (but not too serious!) ceremony later on and it was good. 

Fast forward two weeks and it's Easter weekend, time for chocolate bunnies and dinner at my in-laws.  When I was a kid, my family would go around to most of the relatives for a visit and come home LOADED down with baskets of candy and outside toys; skipping ropes, sidewalk chalk and especially bubble soap.  Awesome doesn't even cover it.  In Gabe's case the avalanche of candy was much smaller but still nifty-a large hollow chocolate egg and giraffe, two smallish packages of jelly beans, and a bag of small, solid chocolate bunnies.  Even we grownups got a solid large bunny each.  <3  At first I was alarmed that Gabe would want to eat all of his chocolate at once so we hid it in a cupboard and made sure he had to ask for it.  It didn't stay hidden for long but we didnt' mind.  All he wanted was the jellybeans and those disappeared within the first two days.  Now the box of chocolate stuff is sitting ontop of the fridge, right where he can see it if he wanted it, but he doesn't.  I've offered it to him but all he wants it jellybeans, or chips.  Maybe it's too sweet? I don't know.  I just know it's cool to see something I've read about in action with a child; if you don't deny, hide or otherwise attach weird attitudes to food, and trust that person to make the best choice for themselves, they will. 

Trust is something we're not taught to do with our kids.  Trusting our kids to eat when they're hungry, to stop when they're full, to rest when they're tired, to play when they're full of energy, doesnt' fit into a world full of schedules and deadlines.  Lenore over at Free Range Kids encourages trust in our kids to get outside and be kids, and other parents here in the Fatosphere talk about trust in this more food related way, and I'm hoping too as well more often.  Gabe is only 3 1/2 so I don't trust him yet to play outside for more than a couple of minutes at at time unsupervised, but I'm looking forward to sending him off to play at the nearby school yards and parks when he IS old enough.  I'm looking forward to him making his own breakfasts and lunches and trusting him to make the things that his body is asking for, once he knows a little bit about food as energy and things like vitamins.  I'm going to try and actually *have* some treats and things around, all time time, for when we want them, and not just have cookies etc for special occasions.  We (me and Gabe) love to bake and I picked up a neat little convection oven called the Cookie Factory for this summer so we can bake in the house without it heating up too much.  His job is to crack the eggs into the bowl and use the mixer.  He can very nearly scramble eggs to, but doesn't eat them; apparently that's my job.

So happy Monday, readers!  I'm watching my neice again today with not too much happening over the week out of the ordinary, including selling tickets for our Vagina Monologues show in two weeks.   Getting excited!

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