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Comfy thighs

March 5, 2010

Last night was a good night; for most of the evening I got to watch my niece and we ended up snuggled on the couch reading stories and watching Speed Racer, Gabe on one side of me, Arja on the other.  About 3/4 of the way through the movie, Gabe snuggled up on my thigh with his blankie and dropped off to sleep.  Arja snuggled up on the other side and all way comfy goodness until her mom came.

This isn't the first time my thighs have been pillows and I'm hoping it wont be the last.  Gabe is growing up so fast I was afraid, a few months ago when he fell asleep on me, that time was the last time.  I'm so glad it wasn't.  If I didn't have big comfy thighs I don't think they'd be used for pillows.  There's something infinitely sweet about a small person falling asleep on you, completely comfortable and trusting.

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