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Craig's Back-2-Back Cross Canada Trip

August 9, 2013

Canada is the second largest country, the first nation of hockey, and the best part of North America! My name is Jen! And I am Canadian!

No really, Canada really is the world's second largest country. Only Russia is bigger, and the way it keeps losing countries, well, soon we might be first. We have nearly 10 million square kilometres of land, most of which is uninhabited, and a highway and rail system that stretches literally from coast to coast. It was this transportation system, preceded by travel along lakes and rivers, that made our country possible, and united us as a nation. If you wanted to walk, or ride your bike, from Newfoundland to British Columbia, you're looking at a journey of over 6000-8000km, depending on what route you take, or something like nearly 4000 miles. Some great Canadians have made this journey; some have made it all the way, and others have been forced to stop early. Terry Fox is our best and bravest example of this, but I was contacted by another party who is making this trip right. now.

Craig Aucoin left St. John's, Newfoundland earlier this week and is making his way with his personal trainer Lloyd to Victoria, BC. Along the way Craig is raising money for a trio of worthy charities; the Canadian National Institute for the Blind, the YMCA, and The Canadian Guide Dogs For The Blind. Craig was born with a genetic defect, retinitis pigmentosa disease (RP), that eventually left him blind as a teenager, but with the help of the above charities, he's gotten his life on track and now he wants to give back to them. The CNIB helped Craig learn to read Braille and acquire the skills he would need to live life as an independent adult. His local YMCA was instrumental in rebuilding his strength of body and mind when depression threatened his health in his early 20s, and the Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind has provided Craig with companionship and assistance in a way only a four-footed friend can. 

If you have the chance to meet up with Craig along his route I encourage you to do so! If you can donate to his trek across this vast, varied country of mine, that's great too. You can follow Craig on Twitter (@CraigGivesBack) or Facebook at Craig Gives Back. Check out their webpage and get involved!

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