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Curvy Girls-Erotica For Women

April 3, 2012

   The fun has arrived!

    I have a new book to review and I wont deny that I'm looking forward to diving right in.


Ok, so I just sat and read the first short story, Runner's Calves by Sommer Marsden, and damn. *fans self* If the rest of it is this good I'm in for a real treat!

The foreward by April Flores, a plus-sized model and adult film star, echoes many of the sentiments that I'm familiar with from fat acceptance; women of all sizes and shapes deserve to be happy, loved and respected, and those things come from self-acceptance, not a dress size or the number on the scale. April uses her art to emphasize body positivity and the joy of being a big woman, and while I may have never heard of her before, I look forward to tracking down some of what she's done and seeing it for myself.

The collection of stories presented in Curvy Girls is edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel, current Senior Editor at Penthouse Variations, Contributing Editor to Penthouse, and a blogger for The Huffington Post. Curvy Girls is one of many collections she has worked on, with publications stretching back to 2004.

In the introduction, she explains that while she was expecting a lot of stories from women like April, passionate, empowered and bold, what she actually recieved was quite the opposite; fat women who found confidence and sass through their sexual encounters, who overcame the social programming of 'thin is beautiful' to discover the deep pleasures of the body.

"[So] what you'll see reflected here is precisely that process of coming to terms with our curves, of standing naked in front of a mirror or another person and stripping ourselves of all the preconcieved notions we may have of what sexy is."

Instead of a book aimed at 'chubby chasers' or others who sexualize fat women simply for their size, what I think we have here is something better, something with more substance (no pun intended) and something I'm really hoping can be a valuable addition to the Fatosphere and our readers. Only time will tell!

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