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Diet vs. Dieting

July 11, 2012

The apartment has finally achieved normality, as the hubs said the other night, but I still have nowhere to write so posting will be light for the foreseeable future. Thanks for sticking with me!

I want to talk about changing my diet, health at every size, and reading food labels. If any of this is not up your alley today, please enjoy this picture of an adorable beagle puppy and have a nice Wednesday.

An adorable beagle puppy lays on its back, paws in the air and smiles for the camera

The last few days (since Saturday) I've been noticing that I can become very dizzy and have almost fainted a couple of times. It happened for the first time Saturday night while out with friends; it had been a while since dinner, I hadn't had anything to drink for a bit, and bam! Suddenly I felt like I was going to fall, and I had to grab onto a friend and a table to keep from hitting the ground. There was literally no warning at all. Afterwards I felt shaky but mostly ok. The other time was Monday coming home on the bus; again, it'd been a bit since lunch and I was just sitting on the bus when again I felt like I was about to fall, even though the bus wasn't even moving or anything. The last thing I remember having before this was a Mr. Freezie (a small one) before leaving work. Last night at a bbq, despite having a hamburger, I noticed that a can of ice tea and a small piece of banana loaf (with icing) made me feel off kilter, though not as if I was about to fall down. I'm thinking the hamburger saved me there.

I sent off an email to my midwives last night about all of this and while they don't think they need to retest for gestational diabetes, its' likely that my low blood sugar has dipped into actual hypoglocemic territory, and that the heat is likely messing with my blood pressure as well. They said to snack as much as I want too, embrace protein sources like nuts, avoid refined carbs, and anything with too much sugar. There are now nuts in my desk and I'm reading labels for the first time ever, wondering what the heck is a refined carb and being amazed by how much sugar is in some things! With only 6 weeks or so to go with this pregnancy I'm glad that these changes to my diet wont last long but in the meantime if I want to be able to function and not grow an enormous baby, my behaviour has to change.

This to me is the essential difference between dieting and having a diet; dieting is for weight-loss purposes, restricting calories to force the body to burn fat and drop pounds. Having a diet to follow because of actual health reasons, like being diabetic, or having allergies, or being on a certain medication, is not the same thing and is actually the smart thing to do to be a healthy person. The HAES approach encourages us to listen to our bodies and this change in how I eat is definitely a huge part of that! If I hadn't been so in-tune with my body already I may have ended up in worse shape because of these sudden blood sugar changes. Now I have to take it a step further and preempt problems before they arise.

Does anyone else out there read labels on food? Any tips for not becoming obsessed with these numbers? Where should I go for solid information on 'refined carbohydrates' vs non-refined? Is it as simple as whole grains vs. processed?

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