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Distracted to the Extreme

July 31, 2012

I have little if nothing to say at the moment about FA or HAES. Apparently my last two week marathon of posting nearly every day has done me in! Increasingly I'm distracted with baby related things; midwife appointments, baby items coming into the home, being almost hyper-aware of Kat's position (slooowly turning from posterior to not. Yay!) and a few other things I'm not going to get into here and are not baby-related. 

A brown TY teddy bear wearing a white crochet cape and a crown of roses

(Kat's first teddy bear, courtesy of her Auntie Wendy! She's a TY named Eve. Love it!)

Yesterday's visit with Rhonda (my midwife) was interesting; she'd like to see *this* Friday be my last day instead of next Friday. Seeing as how I went two weeks early with Gabe, and my due date is barely 3 weeks away, she wants me to have some time to rest between work-work and baby-work. I can't help but feel relieved; work is so so slow and boring right now I spend two hours or so doing nothing at the end of every day. Increasingly my lower back and hips are sore, energy is low, and taking the bus 45 minutes to and/or from work every day is less and less enjoyable. Sometimes I manage to snag a ride with Ryan to work, or get home with my boss, but a lot of the time I'm off work at 3:30 or so and don't get home until 4:30pm. So there's that.

Gabe has been missing us quite a lot and doesn't get out to play with friends hardly at all now that we've moved (and omg don't even get me started on what we've learned about the move-out from the old place. RAGE.) and is inside a lot with the babysitters. He was SO HAPPY Saturday night when he realized that both me and Ryan would be home all day with him on Sunday. He said "I get to have BOTH my parents?!" It was like Christmas came 6 months early. Being off work a week early will mean some special just-us time before Kat arrives, and I think he needs that. 

A man and boy cross through water towards a rocky island(Gabe and Ryan walk through a rising tide towards a small island while at Neck Point recently)

So that's where things are right now! Thanks as always for reading and staying with me.

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