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Dr. Sharma & COACH

March 3, 2011

Ok, I'm getting a little confused.  First Dr. Sharma is my HAES, fat accepting hero, and now he's pushing a national weight loss control network called COACH-Canadian Obesity Awareness and Control initiative for Health.  Do not like.  Get this: 

"Once obesity is established, simply preventing further weight gain can be seen as success. Without treatment, the currently over 6,000,000 obese Canadians will simply continue gaining weight, with all of its economic and health consequences.

Note that the solution for many may not be weight loss -after all, if simply losing weight were the solution, then this problem would not exist - I have yet to meet an overweight or obese person, who has never lost weight.

What Canadians need is access to weight management in the same manner as they would seek and receive management for their diabetes, their hypertension, their asthma, their depression, or any other chronic condition that affects their health."

Seriously?  SERIOUSLY? Fail.  Obesity is not a 'chronic condition' that affects my health.  I left a comment at his blog and I'll post it here too as it may not get past the moderator.  I'm deeply disappointed in this turn-around so I hope Dr. Sharma will reply.

"I have to say I disagree with your assumption that once a person hits the obese mark they will simply continue to gain weight. If that were true I’d be as big as a house, literally, by now. The body has a natural set point, a range of approximately 10-15 lbs that we roam between once we become adults, provided that other factors like thydroid, diet and excercise, injury etc dont’ become a factor. Maybe, just maybe, some people are fat. It takes all sizes and kinds to make up a world, and fat people are part of it. The people who make up the overweight and obese catagories of the BMI ranges aren’t the people most people think they are. My BMI is into the obese catagory and many many people say “Oh, YOU’RE not fat!” if I use that adjective towards myself. The 1 or 2% of people who are into the morbidly obese catagory, the ‘headless fatty’ folks we see in the news, those folks are the ones people think of when we throw around words like obese or fat. They’re people too, and yes, their fatness is ok.

You’ve said repeatedly here at your blog and in the news that people can be fat and fit, fat and healthy, that not all fat people are lazy, overeat or are out of shape and that our media constantly pushes that false, negative stereotype. So why the change? Why are you pushing for COACH when your past statements have indicated that fatness is alright?"

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