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Dr. Sharma is my hero

February 3, 2011

Not only has Dr. Sharma come out and said that we need to be focusing on people's health and NOT their weight, he continues to poke at the medical conumdrum that is obesity, ask interesting questions and point out the paradoxes.  I started following Dr. Sharma on Twitter (omg how I loves me some Twitter) and caught these three posts:

General practice trainees remain unenthusiastic about managing obesity

Inactivity does not explain Canada's obesity epidemic

Why Men and Women gain Weight

Linking from the second is this nifty peice by some of Dr. Sharma's peers, asking "Is it time to sever the link between the inactivity crisis and the obesity epidemic?"

How great is this?  It appears that some researchers, scientists and doctors are ready to ditch the ideas of fat people=lazy, gluttenous, and stupid, and replace them with fat people = people who are all fat for a set of complex, interwoven reasons. It's only what some people have been saying for what, 40+ years? (I'm lookin' at you, NAAFA). A 'cure for obesity' isn't the answer. A cure for stupidity, bigotry and shame would be right on, however.  Nice to see a few doctors out there are on the right track. Chubby babies everywhere say Thanks!

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