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Eating Healthy IS Expensive!

March 6, 2012

A headline caught my eye the other day and I just now tracked down the rest of the story; eating healthy food IS expensive, often out of the reach of families on assistance of any kind. The Tyee, a local BC paper, is running an excellent story right now on the latest Cost of Eating Report from the Dieticians of Canada. It's excellent because it points out that not only is healthy food expensive (well over $800 a month for a family of four), but time-consuming to make (avoid the comments for the typical "learn to cook!" garbage), and this disporportionately affects people in remote communities and/or those who are on income assistance (usually the same people. Well hello, kyriarchy!)

"The 2009 Cost of Food report found that in the average B.C. city, $16.05 would get you four litres of milk, one loaf of bread, one pound of apples and 10 pounds of potatoes. In a remote community, those items would cost $34.85, 177 per cent more. The combination of higher food prices and fewer stores with fresh healthy options has been linked to higher rates of obesity, heart disease and diabetes seen in B.C.'s northern and remote communities that are effectively food deserts." (I'd like to see one of these food desert maps in Canada! I guarantee you most of those deserts will be on reserve land and other remote communities.)

It's good to see someone official connecting the dots here and the story getting so much attention, at least in BC. It's not the obesity that can lead some people to disease, it's eating crap food all the time. That's the only point that's missing.


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