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Ensuring Your Child's Good Body Image

January 6, 2011

That's the headline from a small section in my son's monthly school letter he brought home yesterday, the first day back from break.  A part of me was suspicious, I'll admit, as I began to read.  This is what it says in entirety:

All parents want their children to be physically and emotionally healthy.  Healthy children and adults come in a wdie variety of shapes and sizes.  A positive body image can lead to good self-esteem, creating a well-adjusted, emotionally stable, and happy child who has the confidence to engage in lifes' opportunities.  Ensure your child's positive body image can be accomplished.

What can I say? Canadian schools have got it right, or at least my son's does.  I can't believe how different this is from what I've read about American schools, and how they weight/measure kids and send home their BMI on the report cards. :(  That's so wrong on so many levels.  We can only hope that the messages from folks like Dr. Sharma and Linda Bacon and the rest of the Fatosphere get out there loud enough and long enough to make a difference.

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