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EOSS: BMI alone is not a good indicator of health!

August 16, 2011

Yesterday morning Dr. Sharma couldn't stop tweeting links to a couple of studies that have come out highlighting the awesomeness of his EOSS diagnostic criteria vs. what doctors have been using for overweight patients (which was "Your BMI is too high, therefore it's making you sick, so lose weight and you'll get better!). To anyone with half a brain or ability to think for themselves, it's pretty obvious that the regular way of doing things in the doctor's office is lazy and has been harmful to patients and that something else was needed.  Dr. Sharma has based his diagnostic criteria off of other systems for cancer or other serious diseases (never you mind that being fat isn't a disease. *facepalm*) You can find the actual studies here and here, and a brilliantly snarky commentary on them here by Liss at Shakesville.

Being fat by itself doesn't make people sick, no, not even if they're 400lbs. Science has been supporting the claim that not all fat people are unhealthy for a while now (how old is the Fatosphere?) but more articles supporting that are always good. Being fat isn't what is bad for you. Not moving and eating non-nutritious food is what is bad for you, combined with crappy genes, accidents, where you live and what race you are. However, noone is obligated to be healthy. Noone. Shit happens, people are busy, etc. It's not the worst thing EVAR if you're not both fit AND healthy. One more thing; fat people, like any other 'type' of people, are not a monolith. Their bodies and reasons for being fat are varied, so of course being fat is going to affect people differently. This is the main point made in both studies; fat folks cannot simply be judged unhealthy by their fat. Can we stop also being judged lazy, greedy and stupid now too?

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